District Welcome

Welcome to the Tri-Creek School Corporation! The Tri-Creek School Corporation has a long history of academic excellence and providing students with opportunities that will prepare them for college or a career.  The mission of the school corporation and community, Engaged to Learn, Equipped to Achieve, Empowered to Succeed drives our work to ensure that our students continue to learn and grow each day.  

Students in each of the elementary schools extend their learning in a number of ways.  Spell Bowl and M.A.T.H. Bowl competitions challenge students to put the skills they have learned in the classroom to work in a fun and competitive atmosphere.  After-school enrichment opportunities, such as robotics teams, are available at each elementary school. To help students develop leadership skills while demonstrating caring for their school and larger community, they can participate in Student Council.  Finally, all students develop empathy through participating in events such as food drives and other charity-themed activities that support members of Lowell and the surrounding communities.

The hallmark of the school corporation is the development of multiple skill sets in students through project-based learning in grades 6-12.  Project-based learning provides a means for students to develop skills such as written and oral communication, collaboration, and work ethic and attitude.  All of these skills are critical in any field of work or study. While these skills are being developed, students acquire a deep understanding of the subject matter they are studying.

While the curriculum for our students is important, it is our caring staff who make it come to life. Our teachers, led by remarkable administrators, demonstrate exceptional dedication to their students and schools. It is not uncommon for teachers to provide special learning opportunities outside of school hours through coaching students for academic competitions, sports, or individual tutoring.  And it is not only our teachers who invest in our students. Our support staff, whether in the kitchen, classroom, or driving a bus, share in the same desire to see each child succeed.

The best teachers, support staff, and school buildings are only a part of what is needed in a child's education. We need you as your child's parent to be deeply involved in your child's education. Your involvement can be demonstrated through talking with your children every day about what happened in school, checking your child's homework, attending parent-teacher conferences, and volunteering at school. Raising children and educating them is not easy. However, by working together we can make certain each child is prepared for the future.


District Headlines

December 31 - Updated COVID-19 Protocols
Click here for updates as we return to school after the holiday break on Monday, January 3, 2022
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Updated COVID-19 Protocols - September 2
On September 2, 2021 Superintendent Anderson released an updated COVID-19 protocols document addressing questions about the mask mandate which takes effect on Friday, September 3, 2021
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“Invest, Don’t Quit”
As new Tri-Creek Superintendent Andy Anderson circulated among the 400+ staff members present at the ‘Opening Day Staff Luncheon’ the enthusiasm was clear. Some were former students and some were former colleagues, but all were eager to welcome back to Lowell the new Superintendent and the more than 3,000 students who attend Tri-Creek schools. All Red Devils will return in-person to their respective schools and classrooms to once again enjoy the Tri-Creek experience that for some may seem like a distant memory.
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Tri-Creek Hires New Superintendent
On July 1, 2021 Tri-Creek approved the hiring of Andy Anderson as Superintendent of Tri-Creek School Corporation.
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