Return To Learn

Providing a high-quality education and a safe environment are the two most important goals our school community has. During the past few months, COVID-19 changed how education was provided. As the new school year approaches, it is our aim to ensure the best educational opportunities for all students while safeguarding their health and the health of all staff members.  

There are many thoughts about what should be in a plan and what a student’s and staff member’s day should look like. Our reentry planning committee of 35 people, plus an additional two dozen people on sub-committees, considered input from parents and worked to align the reopening of school with the guidelines from the CDC, Indiana Department of Health, Indiana Department of Education, and the Lake County Health Department. Plans are subject to change based on continued guidance from state and local agencies and changes in the number of cases of COVID-19 in our community and county.

As you can understand, as hard as we try, it will not be possible to meet all of the guidelines and address each person’s individual preferences and beliefs. In times like we are experiencing, we can best meet students’ needs by treating each other with respect, grace, and compassion.

Details on our return to school plans, including questions and answers provided by staff and community members, can be found in the Return To Learn Framework Guide.

We also ask parents to fill out a Return To Learn Student Plans form to let us know if you plan to utilize the online virtual academy option or if you plan to have your child attend school in-person.  This document can also be found in the Return To Learn Framework Guide.

Finally, if after reading this information you still have questions or if you have a specific situation not covered by our questions and answers please contact our team at  You may also contact your child's school principal for information specific to building procedures.

Click here to view the Return To Learn Framework Guide