Request for Proposals and Projects

Tri-Creek School Corporation - Category 1 Form 470 for Internet Connectivity (posted 12/6/2019)
Tri-Creek School Corporation - Category 1 Form 470 for WAN Services (posted 12/6/2019)

Please direct all Form 470 questions to

• E-RATE Form 470 filed: December 6, 2019
• Bids Due: January 10, 2020
• Anticipated Selection of Vendor by Board of School Trustees: January 23, 2020
• Actual Service Start Date (up and running): July 1, 2020

Questions from Pre-Bid Meeting held on Friday, December 20th, 2019

1. Do you have the ability to accept a 100Gbps network interface at your head end? - Not at this time.  Our existing chassis have 10GB handoff capability with capacity for up to 40GB connectivity.  100GB would require additional updated equipment that Tri-Creek does not have at this time.

2. Does the network require managed routers for the WAN? - While we do not require managed routers they would be preferred. If your proposal has non-managed routers you must ensure that you do provide the capability for monitoring and reporting to Tri-Creek School Corporation.

3. Do you prefer single mode or multi-mode fiber handoff? - We prefer multi-mode handoffs.

4. Confirmation of proposal due date - There is an error with the date on the RFP handed out at the meeting regarding the due date.  All bids are due January 10th, 2020.

5. Does Tri-Creek want to learn about additional non- E-Rate services on the proposal (such as DDOS mitigation, etc). - While we are interested in additional ancillary services available from your organization please do not include them in the proposal.  Additional information such as white papers or literature can be provided separately.

6. Are there equipment racks in each location? - Yes, all equipment being installed at each location will be in a standard free-standing network rack with ample rack space available.  Each rack has independent network monitored UPS equipment installed as well.